Pharmacy has been a good profession for me and has always provided opportunities for me to learn new things.  I was privileged to have the opportunity to own an independent community pharmacy early in my career.  During that time I started a long term care consulting business.  I was also able to spend a couple of years as Director of Pharmacy for a small community hospital, but transitioned back into retail pharmacy and spent another 20 years managing pharmacies for two major retail drug chains.  The past several years  I’ve spent time developing a personal health record product, learning website development, SEO, social media and email marketing and I’m now teaching pharmacy technician certification training classes.

One of the greatest “life lessons” I’ve learned in my pharmacy career is the importance of educating my patients.  I have adopted a philosophy and a belief that the best way to take care of patients is to educate them to take care of themselves.  I’ve seen this to be true on numerous occasions with my patients. I’ve seen patients diagnosed with chronic conditions they knew nothing about become motivated, armed with information and enabled to control diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, and Parkinson’s.  Many of them have made the life changes needed to correct or control their disease state and live healthy lives.


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