An emergency Personal Health Record (PHR) should be your family’s first priority in your emergency preparedness plan.

Disaster can strike with little or no warning, Wildfires Engulf Homesgiving us little or no time to prepare.  Floods, hurricanes, fire, earthquakes or other natural disasters all pose serious concerns.  How well we prepare ourselves in advance of disaster will be determine the extent of how our needs are met.

As witnessed in recent years, natural disasters or emergency situations can occur anywhere at anytime.

Hurricane DamageIn the wake of Hurrican Katrina in 2005, Americans witnessed just how fragile paper based health record systems really are.  Public health and medical response personnel were faced with the challenge of meeting the health care needs of the victims of Katrina.  Meeting the immediate medical needs of the injured or those with chronic conditions without access to their medical records was one of the greatest challenges.  Trying to care for the thousands who were displaced by the hurricane was hampered by the loss of access to their medical records as well.

Prepare your family for possible emergencies or natural disasters.  To learn more about preparing an emergency personal health record PHR click here or view this prezi  —

Why You Should Start a Personal Health Record