EMS professionals know the importance of knowing the patient’s name, important medical history, and emergency contacts.  We also know that far too few patients use identification bracelets or have their medical history already written out in an easy to access and read format.  This holiday season (or any time of year) consider giving the gift of information to your friends and family.”  —                                                                Greg Friese, MS, NREMT-P (italics added)

I was impressed by the above blog post when I first read it nearly a year ago on Everyday EMS Tips (http://www.everydayemstips.com/?p=2235).  It was written last Christmas Season by Greg Friese.  Among all of the personal health record articles and blog posts that I have read and bookmarked over the past 3 years, this one has stuck in my mind more distinctly than all others.  I recently contacted Greg and received his permission to post excerpts this Holiday season.

Maybe Greg’s post touched me so much because it was the Holiday gift giving season last year when I first read it.  Maybe it was just because of my involvement with personal health records.  But, more importantly, I think that the title and message of this short article illustrates three important PHR principles we can all learn from:

  • patient lives are benefited from the use of emergency health identification or emergency personal health records (PHRs)
  • many (maybe most) people are not aware of these benefits or don’t use them or need help starting an emergency personal health record
  • we can give “The Gift” to others by having an emergency health record for ourselves and helping our families and those we care for start and maintain an emergency personal health record.


I’ve seen the positive impact on patient lives from using emergency personal health records with the recent introduction of Emergi-Tube and QuickStart emergency personal health record systems.  Stories like “Earl’s” where adverse drug reactions or other potential medical problems were avoided by the use of an emergency personal health record.

Consider giving “The Gift” of personal health information to yourself and those you care for this holiday season or sometime in the near future.  In many cases the tools available are free or at very low cost.  The small investment of dollars and time is infinitely outweighed by the blessing of peace of mind, knowing that emergency medical personal and health care providers will be able to give the best of care to those you love.

Wishing you and your families a happy and safe Holiday Season!


2 Responses to “Give the Gift of Information and Peace of Mind”

  1. Gerald Theis Says:

    It would of been throughtful to have mentioned mycrisisrecords

  2. Bill Burgess Says:


    Thanks for sending this.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family. May God’s peace reign.


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